First aid package

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Everything that may be needed to treat an injury on the field or during training is provided in the SUPPLEMENTARY FIRST AID PACKAGE. Cleaning wipes help clean the affected area, which can be further soothed with the ice packs. This package also includes bandages and sports tape to hold things in place as needed, as well as foam pad for any wounds or cuts, and a foam underwrap to help avoid any rubbing or discomfort. There is also a blister patch for the heel in case of irritation.

Szczególy artykulu

  • Two ice packs
  • Cohesive bandage
  • Cleaning wipe
  • Foam underwrap
  • Band aid
  • Two 3.8 cm premium sports tape
  • Two 2.5 cm sports tape
  • Foam pad for wounds
  • Heel blister patch

Nr artykulu 210783-9001

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  • Bezpłatna dostawa przy zamówieniach powyżej 250 PLN.
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