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Two-Piece Astralis Crewsuit

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No more time spent putting an outfit together with the hmlASTRALIS ARIN CREWSUIT two-piece sweatshirt and joggers. The STANDARD 100 Oeko-Tex cotton mix jersey fabric will ensure softness, durability and flexibility alongside cuffed sleeves and bottoms, which maintain warmth at all times. This hummel© set features poppers at the shoulder for a no-fuss on and off, plus an adjustable waistband for the perfect fit. This style is unisex and fitted on boys. For girls, we recommend choosing one size smaller than you usually would.

Szczególy artykulu

  • Unisex
  • Jersey fabric
  • Push popper shoulder
  • Cuffed sleeves and ankles
  • Adjustable waistband
Jakosc: 96% cotton, 4% elastane

Nr artykulu 213120-2001

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  • Bezpłatna dostawa przy zamówieniach powyżej 250 PLN.
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