Make human rights and environmental rights an integrated part of hummel

All hummel employees need to be trained and aware of our CSR objectives and policies for us to achieve our goals and to continuously inform our customers of the progress we make. This includes not only all employees at the hummel HQ in Denmark, but also staff at our overseas purchasing and sourcing offices including our Quality Controllers in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and China, as they are the ones visiting the factories daily.

The CSR team shares its findings on the factories and their risk assessments on an ongoing basis with the relevant product developers and buyers. Factories, areas, or materials that are deemed unacceptable will be communicated internally to divert orders away from those and ensure that we only work with factories who meet our expectations. 

Besides our own staff, the factories we visit will also be given a presentation on the human rights risks in their country based on our research, the findings in their factories and future expectations from our customers and legal requirements coming from the European Union. 

Initiatives such as the International Accord further helps with training sessions at our partner factories in Bangladesh and Pakistan, including the education of workers on health and safety matters.