Neoprene sport sandals

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Nr artykulu 203304-2001
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SANDAL SPORT JR are one of our most popular pairs of sandals. And that's not without good reason. The sandals' light and durable rubber outer sole provides your child's feet loads of comfort alongside enhanced stability and a high slip resistance. The sandals have a practical Velcro fastening that can be adjusted to match the width of the foot. Finally, but by no means least, the sole's antibacterial tread makes sure that small feet stay fresh and comfortable all day long.

Szczególy artykulu

  • Microfibre/neoprene uppers
  • Rubber trekking outer sole
  • Velcro fasteners for flexible fit and easy on-offs
Jakosc: Microfiber / Neoprene

Nr artykulu 203304-2001

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