Brøndby Legend Jersey 2020

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The unique Brøndby Legend Jersey 2020 celebrates the great defender Per Nielsen. The jersey takes the absolute best from the most iconic Brøndby jersey of the 90s, the design inspired by the legend’s glory days of the 1995–96 season – the very same season that Brøndby won their sixth championship. The Legend Jersey is in the iconic Brøndby yellow with the classic 90s graphic down the right hand side. The jersey has a classic collar and is adorned with an embroidered club badge, together with Per’s achievements for the club: 547 matches between 1993–2008 and 5 championships. PER NIELSEN is printed in the nape, with 547 is embroidered on the back of the collar – the number of matches that Per Nielsen proudly played for Brøndby – and NIELSEN and the number 4 printed on the back.

Szczególy artykulu

  • Brøndby Legend Jersey paying tribute to Per Nielsen
  • Classic yellow
  • 90s-inspired design
  • Retro collar
  • Embroidered club badge
  • PER NIELSEN embroidered in the nape
Jakosc: 100% polyester

Nr artykulu 210203-6167

Prac w pralce w temp. maks. 40°C Do not tumble dry

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